Sunday, October 02, 2011

October 1 & 2, 2011

The "new" Ayudame. 

Heartbreaking to know all of these beds will be filled. 

The view outside. 

Another view outside. It was once a house and is being turned into the orphanage. 

So much more room for kids to play. 

All of the kids came, except the babies, and they LOVED playing out here.

So peaceful. 

The countryside. 

The Mariachi band. 

Maria Clemencia, the director of the orphanage. 

He literally slept like this for about three hours. Guess he likes to be held! 

The kids were supposed to get their food from somewhere else but they never brought it. Try explaining to a four year old why everyone else can eat and she can't. So Rob finally went through the line again and got her something to eat. 

Sandra, Luis, Diane, and Dale...the only other people at Hotel Paris. From Wisconsin and also an LSS family. 

Changing fantasy football lineups. 

Go Chargers! (And yay El Corral!) 

Look what we bought! This will most likely be our favorite purchase from the markets! 
Our Colombian fairy princess! 

All the spit-up has been washed off...for the time being. 

He smiles all the time until I pull out the camera! 

We all have nice farmer tans! 

Just can't get enough! 

Murphy is telling him how to dress already! 


Anonymous said...

I thought about you all day today. You made it to the markets! I love the painting. It will look great in your new house. Jack is a doll and Murphy, all of the sudden, looks like a big girl. Looks like you guys are settling in nicely. Thinking of you often.


Christy said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE all the pictures and the comments you have posted. Everyone looks like they are having so much fun; can't tell at all that you aren't getting enough sleep. He is so precious... Love how his eyes get so big in some of the pictures... Miss you all tons and can't wait to meet my nephew!

the kopkas said...

Thanks for sharing all the pictures of Ayudame! They were just talking about the new site when we got Gabby so it's fun to actually see what it looks like! Looks like you guys got right back into the swing of all things Colombia. :) Funny how quickly that happens! Enjoy the day today and say hi to the staff at Hotel Paris from us...and Cecilia too!!
Take care,
Patsy, Jon, Will, Jake and Gabby

ang and heath said...

Loving all the pictures and updates! Thank you so much for sharing. I am now craving El Corral! YUM! You're making me miss our leisurely days in back home is overrated! :) Emjoy all of your adventures...we'll be watching from MN!