Friday, October 07, 2011

Freddy #2

We totally confused Murphy today by spending the morning with a different Freddy. This one sells emeralds! :) Freddy was born in the US and lived there several years, even attending college in Kansas and now lives in Colombia. His parents and two sisters were born in Venezuela and his mother works with him. We visited him in 2007 and bought a nice necklace. Freddy's driver, Carlos, came to pick us up at 10:30. We drove quite a ways to get to his place and to enter, the front door is unlocked and you are able to go in the entry way. Once the front door is locked the next door is unlocked and you are able to go into the building. Murphy is continuing her streak of no naps and it is becoming very evident. She touched and tried on all the jewelry she could until Freddy finally suggested she go upstairs and watch TV. I think we were all glad! We found some more nice pieces but have to go back (darn!) in a few weeks to pick up the earrings his is making for us. Rob will be gone by then so who knows what more I might find! :) It started raining early today while we were on our way home. It was about 1:00 which is about an hour earlier than it has been starting. They saved dinner for us...spaghetti and Murphy was very happy about that one. After we ate, we all came upstairs for a long winter's nap. Winter as in rainy. It took Murph quite a while to fall asleep and she is thankfully now sleeping. We're hoping it will improve her mood. Freddy the driver told us yesterday that her bossiness and independence is because she's Colombian! Whew! For a while I thought she inherited that from me! :) We don't have any plans for tomorrow and I haven't even taken any pictures today. I didn't think Freddy would like me taking pictures of all of his jewelry to post on the Internet and we've basically been sitting here in the dark all afternoon encouraging naps. It has worked well for Jack and Murphy finally agreed napping isn't so bad.

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Anonymous said...

Love the pictures of the kiddos.. Murphy on the llama is adorable... I know of a special friend whose birthstone is emerald!! Make sure you try plenty on for me!!