Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Defendor of Minors Meeting - October 5, 2011

Cecilia came to pick us up today at 1:30. We spent a leisurely morning slowly getting ready. Dinner was at 12:30 and then we finished getting ready. I was the only one I trusted not to get food on my clothes so I was dressed up before dinner...the others had to wait until after they were done! :) Last time we went to a little, tiny office for our meeting but this time it was over by the ICBF building. We got there and waited for only a few minutes before we were escorted into a small meeting room. We visited with Cecilia for a little bit and then our attorney came in. Cecilia said he is new which is good. I guess I'm not sure how that's good but I'll take her word for it! He had us look over the paperwork to make sure that our names were spelled right and then the Defendor of Minors came in. She is quite pregnant and probably in her late 20's or early 30's. She asked us if Jack was sleeping through the night and we can now answer YES! She also asked if he was healthy and we said he had a cold last week but it getting over it. She asked Murphy if she was happy and Murphy said yes. She asked if Murphy had wanted a brother and we told her that she actually wanted a brother AND a sister, just like Dora the Explorer. I told her the story of how we have always told Murphy that God would pick if we got a brother or a sister and one day she came to me and said "God told me that He's busy and that I could choose and I choose a brother AND a sister!". And she congratulated us and we were done! There wasn't the wait that I expected and there were no questions about why we were adopting, why we were adopting from Colombia, or how we planned to incorporate the Colombian culture into our home...which were questions we had last time. Rob was feeding Jack so I started packing up our belongings and I found the journal and sticky notes that I had brought for her. Cecilia and Murphy took them to her and when they came back Cecilia was laughing because Murphy had asked the woman if she could have the sticky notes! Like we don't have them at our house! Or can get them at Target! So not only did she want one sticky note, she wanted several of each color (it was a multi-colored pack) so we came back with half a pad of Sticky Notes. The Defendor came back in and said "You have a beautiful little girl" and kissed my cheek and said goodbye. Maybe she was so enthralled with Murph that she'll sign right away! :) So we rode back in the the taxi and it started to rain. Yesterday was our first day of rain so it is officially the rainy season I guess. We were home by 2:30 or so. Very quick. We played a game of Chutes and Ladders with Diane, Sandra, and Luis and then it was naptime and supper. We are now all getting ready for bed. Jack is holding out a little later than the past few nights. We're hoping this means he sleeps until 6:00 or so tomorrow but you just never know. Tomorrow we are going to Monseratte and Friday we are going to look at emeralds! Colombian emeralds are some of the best in the world so we are very excited to go see them. We are planning a trip to the coast and thought we'd go on Monday (we hate to miss a market day!) through Saturday. However, next week is Columbus Day so all of the college kids will be at the resort and prices are higher. So we decided to go the following week. That means that we get to go to the markets this Sunday and again on Wednesday then again on Sunday. There will be one more Sunday of markets before Rob goes home so we need to get busy finding our 18 Adoption Day gifts. We found the first one already but the next 17 might be tougher.

Until tomorrow...

Waiting for Daddy to get Jack's bottle ready. 

Who loves this more? 

Our lawyer. 

The Defendor of Minor's Office. 

Murphy and Jack with Juanita. 

Murphy, Jack, Juanita, and Valeria. 

After our petition has been approved! 

Playing Chutes and Ladders with Diane, Sandra, and Luis. 

Sandra loves being near Jack. 

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Anonymous said...

Dana, Tell us more about the 18 Adoption Day gifts? Is this a tradition there? We are so excited for your family.

Alisa Lutter