Wednesday, October 19, 2011


The nurse we saw when we met Jack. He smiled when he heard all of their voices. 

The play yard. 

Murphy loved this thing! 

The dining room for the little kids. 

Another view of the dining room. 

The whole room. 

The back yard again. 

She really liked the merry go round, too. 

I have no explanation for the look on my face. 

The indoor play yard for the toddlers. 

Another view of the indoor play yard. 

The laundry room. 

The steps leading downstairs to where we were waiting to meet him. 

Murphy said that Jack was laying on this when she first saw him. 

The newborn room. 

The other side of the newborn room. 

Another view. 

Murphy wanted to play with them all. 

The younger kids sleep here. 

Jack's crib. He was right by the door, which explains why he always looked right. He had to look right to see everyone else in the room. 

The baby room. 

The babies. 

More babies. 

Another view of the baby room. 

This little girl was four days old. 

The bottle room. 

We asked if they had Jack's heart that was above his bed. We aren't sure if they just made this one for us or if this was actually his but we're grateful to have it either way. 

I guess my pictures are out of order. Another view of the little kids' room. 

Another view. 

The front yard. 

The front yard.

Welcome to Ayudame. 

She actually posed for this picture. I have no idea who she has seen sit like this before! 

One of the women who works at Ayudame. 

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