Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Awesome, awesome day!

We have had Internet access now for more than five minutes at a time so I think I'm going to be safe trying to post. And I spoke too soon because I just lost service.

Today we were lucky enough to go to Los Pisingos, where Murphy lived for the first few months of her life. Today was the first day that Rob has been able to go out and he was ready for a hamburger at El Corral. When we left there we stopped at Carulla for some groceries. Just as we were checking out the power went out. It was also about to rain so I took the kids home and Rob waited for the groceries. A half an hour later and several raindrops later, Rob came home without any groceries. There still wasn't power. Freddy came to pick us up shortly before 3:00 and we were on our way to Pisingos. When we got there we were met by a woman named Catherine who started our tour. The main floor housed the 5-12 year olds. The second floor housed the 6 month to four year olds. The third floor housed the newborn to 6 month olds. There are currently 110 kids at Pisingos with an additional 40 in foster homes. Carlos, the executive director, met us halfway through the tour. He said that 40% of those are available for adoption; 60% are waiting to return to their biological parents. Of the ones that are available for adoption, about 50% are referred to Colombian families and 50% are referred to international families. Pisingos is full right now. We saw the babies, the toddlers, and the younger children but didn't see many of the older kids that were there. They didn't have school because of the holiday so they might have been somewhere playing. It rained again today so there wasn't anyone outside. When we were watching the toddlers, we saw a nurse that remembered Murphy. They said her last name was not very common so that's what she recognized. She remembered that Murphy didn't have any hair. Of all things! :) After we were done with our tour we went to an office to meet with Carlos. We did not meet him when we were here in 2007. Rosa died the day we received our referral and they were still in disarray when we got here. He looked through her file and told us a few things from there and then we talked about adoption in general for quite some time. He believes, as do we, that while Murphy and Jack were not born TO us, they were born FOR us. It felt so good to hear him say that because we have thought that for years. We are their real family and their birthmothers were the bridge to that happening. God planned that all along. We showed him pictures from our blog and he said the nurse we took a picture of was still working here so he called her and she came to see us. Rob and I have talked about another adoption and after our meeting today, there will definitely be a Baby #3! It will be back to Pisingos for us. We like Ayudame; but we just have this connection with Pisingos. Part of it started when we came to tour Pisingos with Murphy when she was a baby and that nurse came to us and couldn't get enough of Murph. It was so clear to us that she was loved before we ever knew her. We just loved that place. And we still do. So someday we'll be back here. Until then, our hearts are overflowing and we feel God's love all around us!


the kopkas said...

Awesome post! And LOVE that you are already talking about baby #3!!! :)


ang and heath said...

I just got the chills reading your post. LOVE it! Carlos is an amazing man and Los Pisingos is an incredible place.

juel said...

I can hardly type as I am crying!!!! Thanks form the details..

Anonymous said...

Love it. Love Pisingos. Love you guys!


Pam said...

Awesome, Awesome post! I totally cried. So beautifully written. I absolutely agree with you. I totally believe with all my heart that Murphy and Jack were born for you and Rob to love and for you to be a family. Whether a child is born to you or for you, the most important thing is that children are loved by the people around them. God lined the stars up for all of you to be together it's an awesome miracle.