Thursday, September 29, 2011

Sorry for the delay!

This is going to be a short one.

I used to update my blog during Murphy's naps. I'm still waiting for Jack to nap. Or sleep at night longer than an hour and a half. He has a terrible, terrible cold and his nose is so stuffy he can't sleep! Which means none of us are sleeping. The doctor is going to come over today and look at him. We're also trying to get a humidifier. It's pretty dry, which isn't helping. Rob is even getting bloody noses.

We love being at Hotel Paris. They staff is so very nice. I thought maybe I'd lose a little weight down here with all of the walking we do, but Juanita is doing her best to make sure that doesn't happen. The food has been fantastic. Rob said the chicken they had the other night was the best he'd ever eaten. They are catering to this vegetarian very well, too. I'm not very good with leaving food on my plate so I leave the table having eaten way too much.

He is a very, very happy baby. Even though he feels terrible. He smiles easily and laughs at all of us. I think once we get through this cold, he will be a very good sleeper. He is a thumb sucker and a spitter upper. So as much as it pains me, I'm encouraging a pacifier because I can take that away eventually. We are also trying to adjust his formula and switched to a slower flow nipple. It took him an hour to eat last night but he didn't spit up. Megan and Juel, it's Murphy revisited.

Murphy is a very good big sister. Overly helpful at times but we know it's because she is just so excited. She has calmed down since Tuesday and is settling into things well.

We are much busier than last time, obviously. We knew we would be, but we also thought we'd have afternoon naps to catch up everything else. Maybe next week! So be patient with me! I'll catch up! Next post will be pictures!

Oh, we meet with the Defendor of Minors on Tuesday. Much quicker than last time. We'll see how the process goes after that, but no matter the length of time we are here, we are going to enjoy every last minute. We'll be home eventually! :)


juel said...

Dana.. I do remember..I know as soon as Jack is feeling better he will be in YOUR routine !!!! He is adorable..

Deb Olson said...

Just looked at your posted pictures - they capture the joy in your hearts! ♥

Anonymous said...

The pictures are just so beautiful they make me cry. I so wish we could be there to share this experience!! Enjoy every minute you have over there. Hope Jack is feeling better and that Murphy is having the time of her life. Hugs and kisses to all of you!!
Grandma and Grandpa Lewis