Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The day we've been waiting for!

There are certain things I will never forget. Maybe when I can't remember anything at all, but until then, I will always remember October 23, 2007 at 10:37 a.m. and September 27, 2011 at 1:16 p.m. The days our children were lovingly placed in our arms. What a day this has been. I woke up and Rob was already awake. He said he'd been awake for about an hour. Not Murphy. She was out like a log. She was such a good traveler and really needed the sleep. I wasn't awake ten minutes and someone knocked on the door and said that we had a phone call. It was Cecilia, saying that she'd be there to get us at 10:45 but to be ready at 10:30 and that we'd be meeting Jack at 11:30.  We really wanted to get our stuff put away so we scrambled trying to eat breakfast, shower and get ready and put everything away. Fortunately, Cecilia called back and said that Maria Clemencia was going to be in a meeting and we wouldn't be meeting Jack until 12:30 so we had a little bit of time. At 11:30, Cecilia arrived at Hotel Paris and she said we had some time so we sat and chatted for a while. Mostly about Murphy but about her family, her time in New York... It was nice to catch up for a little before we left. When we got to Ayudame, we met Maria Clemencia right away and went to her office. She went over his referral with us, told us how much he weighed and how long he was, told us that he had jaundice at birth, which we knew, but said that the lights didn't help so he had to go to the hospital. While there, he got bronchitis and had to stay there for 12 days. We knew he'd been in the hospital for that long, but thought it seemed quite long, so now it makes sense. She told us which formula to use because he has reflux (and let me tell you...yes he does) and that he should sit in a carseat to sleep. And that he eats five times a day and sleeps from 10:00 p.m. until 5:00 a.m. every night. Murphy went to play with the kids for a while because she couldn't sit still for that long. And then finally Maria Clemencia got up and told Murphy to come with her and someone else took us out to the couches to sit. It wasn't long before we could see Cecilia with our video camera and she was talking so we knew they were close. They came around the corner and we got up and she brought him to me and he gave me a great big smile! It brought so many tears to my eyes. He is a very happy baby and smiles all the time, but that smile was meant for his Mama. Murphy was all over him...she just couldn't get enough. She wanted to hold him and touch him and talk to him. Such a good big sister. She's waited for this for a really long time. Poor girl...we've been talking about this for as long as she can remember. So we had a lot of "Murphy not so close" and "Murphy get out of his face" and "Murphy stop trying to pick him up"... She really has been fine but it was a little overwhelming for her. She keeps asking us "Am I being a good big sister?" and we tell her she's being a great big sister! Before we knew it, Maria Clemencia was gone and Cecilia told us we could go. So we all piled in a little tiny taxi and came back to Hotel Paris. We needed formula so they called the drugstore and had some delivered. What a service that is, let me tell you! And we walked to Carulla for a few groceries. It was nice to get out for a little bit. We didn't sit and stare at him for hours like we did with Murphy. It just seemed normal to have two kids. We are enjoying everyone at Hotel Paris. There is only one other family here and they are from Wisconsin. So we all get ALL of the attention! :) Everyone loves Jack and thinks Murphy is just a doll. The weather has been beautiful. Nice and sunny...just the way I like it. Everything is going really well and we couldn't be happier. Stay tuned! 

Passing the time with her puzzles. 

Mama and Daddy impatiently waiting while Murphy got to meet Jack first! 

Her first look!

Leading Maria Clemencia downstairs! 

Greeting Cecilia! 

The first of many, many smiles! 

Family of four! 

Thanks Klebsch's for the adorable outfit! 

Murphy picked out a toy for him! 

Making sure he sees it. 

I didn't tell them to use the flash, so it's hard to see us with Maria Clemencia. 

With Cecilia! 

We think this was one of his nurses. Another woman came and took pictures of them together. 

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Anonymous said...

Gives me chills every time I see a family GROW! So incredibly happy for you all. To think of all the conversations over the past couple of years and now our children are here!!!

Lisa VPC