Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Pretending can only go so far.

This is not an update but I have to post because it's funny. Murphy is really, and I mean REALLY, into pretending right now. She has a kitchen and she brings us tacos, meat, cheese, and drinks all the time. (And yes, I do eat the meat.) She loves to play with her babies. She puts them in the swing, carries them around in the car seat, feeds them, burps them, pushes them in the stroller with her purse on her arm and her diaper bag attached to the stroller, changes their diaper and wipes their butts. Here is where we are running into a problem. Yesterday I was working out to my Wii Active. She does some of the exercises with me (squats and lunges and the resistance bands). As I was working out she found the baby wipes. She loves baby wipes, too. She wiped her face, Riley's face, and was then running around with the wipe. The next thing I know, she is wiping the back of my shorts with the wipe saying "butt, butt". As I'm exercising. Now we need to go there?

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