Friday, March 13, 2009

December, January, and some February pictures

Second place!

She thought she deserved to be up there, too.

My great-nephew, Gavin. Am I old enough to be a great aunt? leg doesn't fit in a doll stroller.

The next prodigy!

Grandpa and Murphy playing the piano.

She looked really cute in this outfit but she wouldn't smile nice unless she was sitting. So you don't get the full effect of how cute she is!

We were at my aunt's house and the dogs were in their kennels. She must have been lonely.

Daddy and Murphy watching the Chargers in the playoffs.

Helping the team roll up the mat.

Hello? Is anyone there?

When are we leaving?

As long as we can keep the blocks away from Riley, she can build them pretty high.

Her favorite spot to sit and watch TV.

Doesn't every dog want to be covered up while they eat their treat?

Giving the baby a ride.

Learning how to be a stunt rider.

Who put that moo in my stroller? Don't you know I can't touch the stroller with the moo in there? Somebody get it out!

Don't I look comfy?

I'm sure I can fit in this box.

I used to have one like this!

Giving Gavin a kiss on Christmas Eve.

Christmas Eve 2008.

Hanging on for dear life.

Hello? Santa? Thanks for the baby!

Stranger! Stranger!

Reading a magazine in my booster seat in the middle of the living room. And just in case I fall out, the straps are buckled around me.

There is a reason I couldn't put presents under the tree. Make that two reasons.

I fit perfectly!

Taking all the towels out of the drawer is hard work. I need a nap.

Learning early.

Playing cards with Grandma.

Do you like my new hat?

Getting ready for my first sled ride!

Am I cute or what?

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Ruth Ann Craven said...

Love the updated pics! She is getting so big! I crack up because she & Anna have all the same toys, even the same baby doll! Anna loves to pull all of my dish towels out of the drawer too and leave them all over the kitchen floor! Glad you guys are having lots of fun!