Sunday, November 02, 2008


Congratulations to Eric, Sara, and Nils at They have a new little girl! For some reason it isn't letting me link it so you have to go there yourself. We'll be following every day (probably several times a day) so post often!

Congratulations Jeff, Cara, and Matthew! They are bringing Matthew's brothers home from the Ukraine! Jeff and Matthew are home already and Cara, Jack, and Alexander will be home soon. Love you!


cara said...

Thank you for the congratulations, but it seems we will probably be here for two more weeks. YUK! and with my baby on the other side of the earth. It was a very hard pill for me to swollow-I even cried myself to sleep-I haven't done that since before we got Matthew.
What is it with you and church pictures???? I think you should stop doing them. Apparently Murphy is following in your footprints too. miss you, Cara

Ruth Ann Craven said...

Aww, what a cute little kitty!