Thursday, February 07, 2008

Is it February already???

Where did January go? We've been home two months already. Murphy is growing like a weed. A cute weed. We're on round two of medicine for ear infection. After the first round, one of her ears cleared up but not the left one. She isn't as willing to take her medicine anymore. A friend of ours gave us their Johnny Jump Up and Murphy is a jumping fiend. She's also finding some of the toys she's had for a while more fun. She can throw keys across the room. She's discovered she has hair. And that it hurts when she pulls it. She still doesn't like most food but she does like beans. So we've had green beans more this week than we have in the past six months. Bath time is more fun as she is learning to kick and splash. She's too big (and has figured how to get her hands out) for the fleece cover on her carseat. So we're just using a blanket now. She's wearing mostly 6-9 month clothes but depending on the brand, some are too small, some are too big. She has no desire to crawl yet. She gets irritated pretty quick when she's on her stomach. She is sitting up though and walks on her toes when you hold her arms and walk along with her.

We had three showers in January so Murphy received lots of good stuff. Little girl clothes are just so cute. We've had so much support from our communities. It really does mean a lot.

Murphy went on a few road trips in January. We went to Winner for the wrestling tournament and stayed with my aunt. My cousin Jake is six and wants to take Murphy for show and tell. We also went to my mom and dad's for a shower. The next night we went to Watertown for Rob's guard Christmas party. My niece Brianna came to stay with us from college and babysit. Poor Brianna. That was the night the ear infection came to a head. None of us slept much that night. I've also figured out that if you just pretend you didn't just wipe her nose, it goes over much better.

Wrestling is almost over. Our kids are doing great this year. I'm looking forward to the state tournament. We'll see how Murphy does for two days in the Arena.

Baptism is coming up in a week. Our wardrobe is still up in the air. I hope Murphy fits in the dress. It did fit on Christmas Day but she has a little milk belly going on. Of course I still don't know what I'm wearing which will determine what Rob wears. It could be sweatpants!

I'm watching Survivor and I sure didn't expect Johnny Fairplay to be the first one out!

Rob's uncle died on Saturday so we will go to Aberdeen to the burial tomorrow. Then to visit my grandma. She hasn't been feeling good lately. We've gotten some great pictures of Murphy and Grandma Ole. Grandma just loves Murphy and it's fun to watch them together.

February is a big birthday month so:

Happy Birthday to Rob's dad on the 1st, Rob's mom on the 3rd, our friend Emily on the 4th, my brothers Dick and David on the 5th, my niece Caitlin on the 7th, our friend Carter on the 8th, my friend Rhonda on the 10th, my friend Marcy on the 14th, my niece Brianna on the 20th (her 21st!) my sister in law Pam on the 24th. I don't think I forgot anyone but I'll look at my calendar to be sure.

OK, I better get some pictures posted.

Have a great day!!


cara said...

I love the pictures, she is growing so much. Maybe we will make it to the state wrestling tournament so we can see you guys.

Anonymous said...

Murphy hasn't gotten to visit the office lately. We don't want her to forget who we are. Maybe its time for another little get together?