Monday, December 03, 2007

Finally...we're home!!!

Oh what a day it's been. But we're home and that's all that matters.

The alarm went off at 3:45 this morning and I showered first. I remembered that I didn't have any hairspray as I'd run out in Bogota and bought some stuff down there and left it with the maids. So I didn't wash my hair. Actually I didn't even comb it. That would have taken all the remaining hairspray out and I didn't want that! Mom showered and we took the bags downstairs around 4:15. I went back up and got Murphy at 4:25 and she wasn't a happy camper about being woken up. Oh, I forgot, we had a king size select comfort bed (comfy, comfy!) and she slept in between us. Mom got up around midnight with a leg cramp and she said I didn't even move. So Murphy cried for a little while on the way to the airport. The van started off late when some guy didn't show up and we had to wait for him. Then we had to drop off everyone else at the Continental part of the airport. We finally got to Northwest around 5:30. The line wasn't overly long but when we got to the front, the man told me I didn't have a ticket and he had to help other people so we wouldn't be going home. Guess what? I bawled. And then Mom bawled. All I wanted to do was go home. Was that too much to ask? I don't think he felt bad for me but he did say "Stop crying!". Not very nice either. So after he got everyone else through he looked again and somehow found my ticket. There were two other people that needed help getting past the line up to security or they would miss their flight. So he took all of us down the elevator past the people and dropped us off. The man who was looking at boarding passes was mad because we had budged in front of everyone. We told him the guy from upstairs brought us there and he said he wanted to talk to him. So I took off my bags and Murphy and I ran upstairs and got him. I told him the guy wanted to talk to him and he told me I'd have to work it out with him myself. I told him NO and he ended up coming downstairs. So then the two guys fought because the one said he didn't see anyone come with us and that the first guy should have told him he was dropping us off there. The first guy said that he took us right up front and it wasn't his fault if the second guy didn't see him. Who cares! Just let us through! Finally they did but then we had to go through security. Mom's knee set it off first of all. Then they took my hand sanitizer and the extra water I had and were even going to dump out the bottles that I had that didn't have formula in it yet. I said "If you take that I have nothing to feed my baby!" and she let me keep two bottles that I had made up. So by this time it's about 6:15. The grumpy guy at the first counter had actually called to tell them we were on our way so I'll give him credit for that. Once we got through security, I took off running to make it to the gate. A lady behind us helped Mom with her bags and ended up being from Brookings originally and works for Daktronics. So we made the plane with seconds to spare. There was hardly anyone on it. So we had a row all to ourselves way in the back. Murphy slept two of the three hours. We left her in her pajamas again because of the early morning. Plus I didn't want her to spit up on her clothes. I changed her clothes on the plane to MSP and sure enough, ten minutes later she spit up on her pants. Oh well. I forgot to say that she was soooo good in the airport. There was so much going on both Sunday and Monday that she was a very good baby. She only cried a little toward the end on Sunday night as she got tired and hungry. We landed in MSP on time and knew we'd be cutting it close to make our next plane. We got off and grabbed a guy driving a little trolley cart. He told us it was a two cart trip as he could only drive in certain parts of the airport. What!?! So he drove us to another guy and that guy drove us to the escalators at the total opposite side of the airport. I ran ahead again. Ran as much as I could with two diaper bags on my back, Murphy on the front, and Mom's purse on my arm. I'm sure it was very amusing. I went down the escalator and then had to run across the floor to another escalator. Just as I was getting on that one, Mom was coming down the first so I yelled across the airport to her so she knew where I was going. Then I had to go a very long ways to our gate. I got there at 9:00. Our flight was supposed to leave at 9:00. But it was late. I couldn't believe it. We just had not had good luck with our flights. So I walked back to get Mom and as we headed back to the gate, I saw Marcia Wortman! She isn't famous so don't rack your brains trying to figure out if you should know her. She's from Highmore and was going to be with her grandfather back home. So that was kind of nice. One funny story...I spit out my gum as we were walking and Mom said "Oh, that makes me wonder what I did with my gum!". She didn't remember spitting it out or swallowing it so that made us laugh. I thought I was going to wet my pants I was laughing so hard. So we made a bathroom stop and finally got to the gate. We heard the guy say that the pilot hadn't shown up yet so that's why the plane was delayed. What? Do pilots actually get to be late? So our 9:00 flight got pushed back to 9:17 then eventually 10:05. Murphy fell asleep just before we got on the plane. We called Rob and Dad to say that we'd be late. Then the stewardess said our flying time would be an hour and three minutes instead of an hour and a half. Oh, we only had eight people on the plane, too. So then we called Rob and Dad back and told them we'd be in at 11:00 instead of 11:30. Then we sat at the gate until 10:20. And by that time they wouldn't let us call and say we'd be there at 11:30. So it was a crazy morning. Murphy slept for half the flight and then I woke her up. I didn't want her to be sleeping when we got in so I knew I needed plenty of time to make sure she wasn't grumpy. We got in and made it through the Aberdeen airport to find Rob, Dad, David, Carmen, Dick, Allan, and Sandy waiting for us.

It was so nice to be home! Carmen videotaped from their end I and taped from our end. We took lots of pictures, too. One of the girls that was on the plane with us told my parents that she was adopted at four months (I think) from one of the Asian countries. I just can't remember all the details. I noticed her watching us so I figured something was up. So now maybe she got to see what happened when her parents brought her home. Rob had brought Murphy's coat and the carseat so we bundled her up and she didn't like it!

We went to McDonald's for dinner (my request!) and my dad told the ladies at the counter so they oohed and aahed over Murphy. We actually saw quite a few people that we knew there so it took us a while to get out of there. We went to the nursing home to see my grandma. She loved Murphy's hands and feet.

We got a really nice picture of the four of us.

Then we went around and showed everyone that works with her. Then we went to the mall to see my sister-in-law Pam. Then we had to stop at Walmart because we didn't have groceries after six weeks. My aunt Denise met us there so she got to meet her, too. We bought an exersaucer while we were there and Murphy just loves it! We left Aberdeen shortly before 5:00 and when we got to town we went to Rob's grandma's house.

We left around 6:00 and came home! Oh, it's so nice! Of course we didn't get to see a lot of it because Murphy and I are going to bed at 7:00! We've had a long day. Our trip is over but our adventure is just begining!

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