Friday, November 23, 2007

We're back on...for now!

I'll post some pictures first because you might be going through withdrawal.

The building where a fight started over a vase and ended up in Colombia'a independence from Spain.

One of the many gorgeous women of Colombia.

Actors awaiting their cues. They were filming "The Treason".

The guards at the presidential house.

The beautiful view near Bolivar Square.

A statue of Simon Bolivar who led the crusade for independence (I think!).

The first church in Bogota, at Bolivar Square.

Rob and Maria.

Murphy just stares at Rob's hands.

Snuggling with Daddy.

We ate at the Hard Rock Cafe.

She loves her Daddy!

The lunchroom at the poor school (The Hogar).

One of the elementary classes.

Art class (just for you, Karyl & Linda!)

Two year olds on the playground.

The houses of the children who attend the poor school.

But I don't WANT a cow kiss!

Murphy and Benji.


Anonymous said...

Hello to all!
I wrote to you on Thanksgiving and I guess it did not go through, since I don't see it anywhere. Anyway Happy Thanksgiving! Hope you all enjoyed yourselves. I am sure Rob has already left. I hope he has a safe flight, and Dana I hope your Mom and Dad arrived with no problems. As I guess I tried to say yesterday, I will be sending a bunch of clothes with Grandma Sandy to bring to Murphy. I will try not to send them all at once, that would be very scary. (Murphy You are going to need a walk in closet because we all know that Grandma and Christy like to shop!) The new pictures are great. She looks as if she has been with you forever. She is so happy and content in all of them. I see she already has a boyfriend. (I'll bet Dad doesn't let her that close to a boy when she is 13.) Enjoy the rest of your time, I'm sure your parents will enjoy her to themselves before they have to share with all of us. Have fun and hope we will see you all soon!!!
Jamie and the Js

Anonymous said...

Everyone knows she really does want a cow kiss!!!! I have arrived in Houston. I have my cell on and am waiting at the gate. Also I sent you an email there was a question about a song you played at church last Christmas.

Love to my Girls


karyl said...

I see Rob is back on US soil, let me know when your "mama" gets there (and papa) so I can stop worrying. :) I am my mother's daughter (a little). XXXO
Auntie Karyl

hippiescrapper said...

I bet the actors thought you were Nicole Kidman! Murphy is such a doll! Love all the beautiful pictures of her! Can't wait to see you guys!


Denita said...

THanks for the photos Dana! Those withdrawal symptoms are not pleasant!
Hope you had a nice Thanksgiving -- I'll bet your parents are there by now and Murphy is getting plenty of grandma and grandpa attention!