Sunday, November 25, 2007

We love spending time with Grandpa and Grandma!

What a first few days it's been with Grandma and Grandpa! We finally have Internet full time again so now I have to catch up on a lot of stuff!!!

Thursday was Thanksgiving. We got ready and went to Bolivar Square. Megan, Juel, Benji, Patty, Sam, Isabelle, Theo, Rob, Murphy, Henry (our driver) and me. Rob and I hadn't heard much so we didn't know what to expect. You can see the pictures below. We ate dinner (sandwiches and chips) first. There is a big town square that is surrounded by the first church that was built in Bogota, the judicial building and the senate building. There is a statue of Simon Bolivar who we think led the revolution against the Spanish. We walked to the right (I have no idea which direction that is...east to me) and walked to the presidential house. There was one sidewalk that we weren't allowed to walk on because it's for the "important" people. And as we got closer to the house, we went through a little checkpoint and they checked our bags. And there were security guards all over. We also couldn't take pictures facing the house as they were afraid we would take surveillance pictures and find out where the guards are posted and how many guards there are and how we could take over the presidential house. We walked around to the "east" side and took our pictures with the guards. As Megan took her picture the guard kept telling her "closer, closer" and made her stand right in between them. Then we walked around to the "south" side and as we were walking up the street a whole bunch of film equipment and lights and actors and actresses were standing there. They were filming "The Treason". So we took our pictures with them, too. We walked back to the square and then headed to the van. We had to walk a ways to get to the van but we passed the house that holds the vase that started the revolution. It's now a museum. We also passed the largest library in a many country area but I forgot how many. We had to get home quick because Henry had to take a family to the airport. Cecelia came by in the afternoon and brought us flowers. She also told me that my papers are with the judge. So Megan and I have been hoping to hear something ever since. It's driving us crazy! The staff made us a traditional Thanksgiving dinner that night. We had turkey, mashed potatoes, green beans, applesauce, plums, pumpkin type bars (they were really good and I don't like pumpkin), salad, wine, and the really good lime desert.

It was Rob's last night so we finished packing his stuff and said goodbye to Megan, Juel, and Maria. Rob took care of Murphy that night and around 4:00 he brought her into bed with us so he could snuggle with her. The alarm went off at 5:30 but we had been awake since he brought her into bed with us. He got up and showered and he and Henry were on the road by 6:00. Henry got him checked in and on the plane. He made it through Houston and back to MSP around 7:30. His cousin Terry came to pick him up and take him to his car and he was on his way home by 9:10. He got home around 2:00 and had a nice night in his own bed. When I talked to him on Saturday he was in line to get his hair cut. He is looking forward to going back to school on Monday but not looking forward to spending time away from us. Hopefully we'll be home at the end of the week and he'll have a busy week so it will go quickly.

Friday after Rob left I didn't do very much. We hung out at the motel all day. Friday night we ordered Dominos. Well, we thought it was Dominos. We were a little nervous though. We wanted a large pepperoni and a large cheese and an order of breadsticks. The guy at the front desk is very nice but had no idea what we were talking about. He told us they didn't have breadsticks. We knew they did so couldn't figure out what he was talkking about. Megan went to talk to him and figured out that he was ordering us bread pizza (and just exactly what is that?) and a slice of pepperoni and a slice of cheese. So she got him staightened out but then he told us it was only $17. So we still didn't know if we were getting the right thing. We didn't get Dominos and we got two slices of bread instead of breadsticks but the pizza was really good. I gave Murphy a bath and in her pajamas and she took a little nap before we headed to the airport. Henry picked me up around 9:40 and we drove about 20 minutes to the airport. As we pulled up there were throngs of people there so I was nervous that they had already come out of the airport. Henry dropped me off up front and went to park the van. I scoped everything out and saw Mom's red coat through the glass windows. It took them a few minutes to come outside but when they did they (or maybe it was Mom) was busy talking to the man next to them! I videotaped them and waited until they noticed me. The man they were talking to was on the plane with them and helped them through the airport, customs, and all that. So I'm really glad they found him. He married a Colombian woman and was here for her sister's wedding. This all took place in about 15 minutes. So I'm glad we weren't late. We drove back to the motel and Grandma held Murphy (who was awake at this point). We got them situated in their room and we all went to bed.

Saturday I woke up early so I went out to the dining room and drank some tea. I wanted to wait to eat until they came out. Mom was first and we sat with Juel for a while. Dad got ready and then we all ate. Mom brought strawberry pop-tarts for Maria and me so we've been eating good the past few days. We didn't do a whole lot yesterday. Murphy got to know Grandma and Grandpa and Maria enjoyed spending time with "Grandpa".

We went to Poblanos for dinner and then went to Maku for a little shopping trip. We came back to the motel and vegged the rest of the night. We ate supper and Murphy and I went to bed around 9:00. She didn't sleep well but hopefully we have solved a little of her problems. She's been using slow-flow nipples. We tried a faster flow one and it didn't go over well. So it sometimes takes her close to an hour to drink six to seven ounces. So after a night of whining and crying (on Murphy's part...not mine) I decided to try the faster flow nipples again. Unfortunately, Rob just took them home. So I bought some today and man, was there a difference. It took her 22 minutes to drink the whole thing! She usually falls asleep while drinking because it takes her so long. Hopefully this will solve that problem.

Today I slept in until 7:15 or so because of our long night. After breakfast we got ready and headed to the market around 9:45. We took sandwiches, chips, and fruit for dinner. Mom found a few things. Grandpa pushed Murphy the whole time. He found out that she doesn't like to stop. On the way home I stopped to get the nipples and we got back after 3:00. Murphy took a short nap, we ate, Murphy had a bath and a bottle, and she's now in bed. Oh, she had cereal, too. We're hoping she sleeps better tonight. Otherwise Grandma is going to sleep in here with me tomorrow night and get up with her. I'm exhausted and it isn't helping my cold (which is much better, by the way).

We saw Cecelia at the market and subtly told her that we needed to buy all of our stuff at the market today because we hoped to get sentencia tomorrow and be out of here on Friday. She said that wouldn't happen because they hadn't done anyting on Friday so our papers wouldn't be ready tomorrow. Well that was sure a downer. She did say it's possible the papers could be ready late tomorrow afternoon. So we're hopeful. If we don't hear something tomorrow we won't be able to leave on Friday with Dad but maybe on Saturday.

I tried calling Rob but he must be busy because he didn't answer. We want to go to the leather district tomorrow morning maybe and then wait to hear something in the afternoon. We still want to go to Monserrate this weekand to Bolivar Square. That might be all we have time for. Megan and I are going to get the babies' passport pictures taken tomorrow. It won't save a whole lot of time but maybe some. We'll see. Hopefully we'll just get our call tomorrow. I've been here five weeks and Megan four and we're ready to go home now. We're still enjoying ourselves, but we have homes and families at home that we're anxious to get back to. Plus, a life with our children.

Have a great day!!!


Anonymous said...

Hi, I hope the new nipples help. Rob was over for supper tonight. He has a terrible cold so Brenda and I tried to fix him up with some stuff, but he forgot part of it when he left. I printed out some new pictures for him to take with. He said that when he left Murphy also had a cold but had gotten some medicine for it. Hopefully everyone will be healthy when you get home.Give Murphy a kiss and hug for me and hurry home.
Love Grandma Lewis.

Karyl said...

Phew! I am a lot like my mom, I was worried when we hadn't heard from you in so long! Glad everything is going well. Seems strange to see pictures of G'ma and G'pa on the screen, I just talked to her. Hope to see you soon. XXXO

Anonymous said...

Sorry I missed your call last night and again this morning. I have my cell and told everyone to page me if you call again. Miss you hope you hear something today.


Aunt TeeTee said...

I know you posted this awhile back but I got to know... What is a "cow kiss"?

And while I am on, make sure you give Murphy a kiss and hug for me... and you can have her give you a kiss and hug from me too!!

Miss and Love you lots!!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Dana for the picture of the art room! Getting anxious here for you all to come back here to Redfield...Gary told me to tell you that they are getting the running of the office down to a science without you...and if you believe THAT one...well...LOL See you soon..take care. ~Gary and Linda

Anonymous said...

Rob just told me the news - I am so excited! I am so looking forward to meeting our little Murphy. She looks absolutely adorable and sounds as if she has quite the personality as well. Sounds as if she has let Mommy and Daddy know who is boss - way to go Murphy!! It was so good to have Rob back here at school. He was missed...
I have tried to send a comment several times but could never get it to go through, so hopefully this one will. Be safe and take care. We will see you girls soon.
Marlene (and Bob)