Sunday, November 18, 2007

Some of our purchases

Murphy's hat. She won't be able to wear it until next year but it's still pretty cute.

Her new shoes. She'll wear the white patent ones for baptism and just to be cute. They aren't walking shoes, though. I got the pink ones a little big so she can wear those next summer.

Her hat and sweater. Myriam made these. The sweater is too big as well so she can wear it in a couple of years.

And her baptismal blanket. In our corner it says "Murphy Maria" and in the opposite it says "Maria Jose". Rob asked how many times she'll get to use this. I said once.

This one wasn't purchased but makes for a cute picture. She has decided that it's fun to suck on her blanket. Usually she likes the traingles but the round parts must fit in her mouth better.


Starfish said...

Gorgeous stuff! Since I knit, I just couldn't bring myself to buy Myriam's stuff, but she does have really nice things!

Anonymous said...

Rob and Dana,

Murphy is beautiful! I have been following both your blog and Patty and Arne's blog. We are hoping that we will get the call early in the new year to travel to Colombia to get our little baby. I have really enjoyed all of your pics and your helpful hints of do's and dont's of traveling in Colombia. Following your story, helps make the time pass more quickly during our long adoption wait! Best of Luck on the rest of your journey!

Terry and Jill, Clinton, MN (originally a South Dakota girl too, Eureka!)

Julie said...

Rob, Dana, & Murphy,
So happy for you all! It has been very interesting following your journey. Good luck on that scrapbooking thing, mine is all on temporary hold!
Can't wait to see your little Murphy in person. She is so beautiful! Congrats!
Julie, Mark and kids

Karyl said...

She's so darn cute, I can't wait to "munch" on those cheeks!!
XXXO Miss ya!

Denita said...

The sweater and blanket are beautiful and that hat is darling! It looks like it fits in the picture, but I suppose when she moves it slips down over her eyes.
I can't believe you have been there a month already! WHEW! That went fast -- You do realize that if you do something for 21 days in a row it becomes habit -- so that means you will need to continue blogging when you get home, or supply a support group for those of us that will miss the daily updates on Murphy!
I love that photo of you, Rob, Murphy and Maria (I'm assuming it's her) you look so happy.

Take care!

Aunt TeeTee said...

I agree... I can't wait to "eat her all up" either...

In regards to sucking the the blanket, I still do that!!! It is a crazy addiction. It will eventually turn into sucking on the strings on sweatshirts, sometimes maybe even a frayed sweatshirt. I have one of Rob's old sweathshirts that I suck on the cuff when I wear it. :)

Hugs and Kisses,
Aunt TeeTee

Aunt TeeTee said...

I forgot to mention how beautiful the the clothes and blanket are. Almost too beautiful to wear. :)