Friday, November 16, 2007

Pedicure Heaven!

Yesterday was a day of relaxation. Not quite like the day at the club. More like a day of "not take a shower until afternoon". We did laundry (actually I took it downstairs and got sidetracked so Rob did it) and I had a pedicure. It was the best one I've ever had. Except when she rubbed off the dead skin on my toe, she rubbed a little too much and now my big toe hurts. While we were downstairs Maria was playing with us and so we took a picture of the girls in their capes and headbands. They were Super Maria and Super Murphy.

Murphy's fever is slowly going away. We haven't given her Motrin since yesterday afternoon. She sneezes a lot, though! That isn't just's been the whole time. She's a three-sneezer.

She basically slept all night last night. Rob was working on homework until close to 1:00 so he just fed her when he came in and she didn't really even wake up. Then she slept until 6:00. It takes her a while to wake up. She just sort of whimpers and whines in her sleep for a while. Then when she does wake up she's a really happy camper.

Today we aren't doing anything special. Maybe going back to Maku. We still have a few more of her 18 gifts to buy and I'd prefer that Rob take them home next week. It's hard to believe he leaves in a week and my mom and dad come down in a week! I'm not excited for Rob to leave but I am excited for them to get here. The four weeks that we've been here have gone by so fast.

Pam, you can give out our website. We're happy to share with everyone!

Newkirks, we hope the plane ride home was uneventful and the kids are settling in to their new life.

Until later...have a great day!

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Rhonda Henschen said...

Hey guys! I am so excitedv for you! You are going to be great parents! Enjoy your time together down there--what a special bonding experience.
Murphy, you are a blessed little girl. God has given you to wonderful parents who love you tons!
God's blessings to all of you--Rhonda