Thursday, November 15, 2007

Our second best day yet!

We are just having the time of our lives down here. And it isn't only because we love waking up and having breakfast made for us, or having one or two loads of laundry every week (that's because we wear the same thing more than once) or have our rooms cleaned by a maid. We love spending all of our time with Murphy. She is growing (both out and up).

She is developing such a personality. She is fiesty and sassy and we think she's going to beat up all the boys on the playground. We think it will also carry over onto the court (either basketball or volleyball). We also think she's going to be a runner because her feet never stop moving. She has eyes so dark you can't distinguish the pupil from the iris. She has beautiful tan skin and we think she'll have curly hair. It doesn't look it when it's dry, but when it's wet...holy cow. She doesn't like to go to sleep although she has gone to sleep on her own a few times. She likes to lay on her stomach for the simple fact that her hand is close to her mouth so she can suck on it. When she lays on her back she wants to be on her stomach so she has to roll over. She had one of the nastiest diapers I've ever seen a few days ago. I think it was a combination of vaccination and Motrin. Maybe cereal, too. Rob actually woke me up to change it. He has that luxory until we go home. He says that if I'm not home, he'll either call his mom, Marlene, or Brenda Stover to come over because he knows they'll do it. That's a forewarning to all three of you.

Yesterday we had to be up early to go to Cecelia's country club. Cecelia, her 90 year old mother, and her mother's nurse, Juel, Megan, Maria, Benji, Patty, Sam, Rob, Murphy, and I went. It was a long and winding drive but it was so pretty. We drove through the Andes Mountains to get there and it was very lush and green.

When we got there we turned down a gravel road and all of us wondered where she was taking us. All of the sudden we pulled up to a nice little resort. We were the only ones there so we had the place to ourselves.

There was a kiddie pool with a slide that Maria and Rob played in at first. There was also a big pool that we all enjoyed. Plus the area around the pool had just enough water to cover your ankles. There was also a hot tub that swirled like a tornado and it wasn't hot, hot. Warm. Almost cool. Perfect. We sat on the edge with our feet in.

We took off Murphy's clothes and took her in the pool in her diaper. She was so content.

After a while her Motrin wore off (from the shots) and she cried. She took some more and calmed down again. She laid in her stroller and was just a happy camper.

We ate dinner and swam some more. Rob and Maria kept jumping in. They played in the sand, too.

It was just a great day. It was so nice of Cecelia to take us. We were relaxed and just loved the whole day.

The drive home was a little rough. We got into Bogota as the traffic picked up so Henry took a different way home. The road was really bad with lots of potholes and Juel ended up getting sick. I think part of it was the altitude difference, too. We got home around 5:30 and got ready quick to go to Archie's with all the Americans for Tim & Tanya and family's last night here. They flew back to Kansas City today.

Today we are just relaxing. Somebody from a spa is coming in this afternoon for cheap manicures and pedicures. That will be the most I do all day!

We found out the actual court process and what I had posted before wasn't right. We interviewed with the defender of minors. Once that petition was approved, our paperwork went to another defender of minors who had five working days to sign the papers. Then they went to a judge who has ten working days to sign. Then back to that second defender of minors who has five days to sign again. Our first five days were up yesterday. So we know the papers have to be with the judge by now. Hopefully they didn't take the entire alotted time to sign. Either way, we're content. We're so lucky to be in the place we're in in our lives.

Also a side note...I bought a scrapbook sort of thing. I'm not crafty enough to scrapbook but I am going to put all of the pictures from our trip here and the pages from Murphy's blog. So I would love it if...just once...everyone who is reading would post one comment. At least just one. Then I can put it in Murphy's scrapbook and show her all of the people who followed us on our journey. It doesn't have to be today or tomorrow. But sometime while we're here. And someday, I'll get back to everyone who has posted. If they leave an address or website that is.

Thank you all for reading and for being a part of our lives. This adoption is made all the more special because we have you as part of it.


Carol said...


I'm starting to feel guilty because your blog is the first thing I check every morning! Even though I have yet to post - I'm disappointed when you haven't! What an amazing experience for the three of you - not just the opportunity of being in such an interesting country - but the fact that the three of you get this uninterrupted time to get to know each other - we should have all been so lucky!!

I look forward to sharing the bleachers with Redfield's newest wrestling fan! Can't wait to hold her and tell her how beautful she is!!

Safe travels and many thanks for letting us be part of your family.

Fran and Carol

Danielle said...

Awesome post & the pictures are incredible! As always, love seeing what you are up to and how your family is growing ever closer together.

Denita said...

Always, always remember you have the most wonderful parents who will love you and care for you with their all. You are a very special child whom God placed in the hands of a most deserving mom and dad!

Please read this when you are angry at your parents because they grounded you or said "NO" to something you really wanted -- remember that they love you and only have your best interest in mind.


Anonymous said...

Dana and Rob, I have followed you since you have been gone. What an amazing journey you are taking with this beautiful little girl. It will be grand to have all of you back in S.D.

When I read about Rob not wanting to change dirty diapers, it reminded me of Chuck taking Erin to the babysitter's with a poopy diaper. I would have never known this but the sitter shared that with me.

Love all the pictures you are posting.


Kate said...

Hi Rob & Dana! Murphy is such a beautiful little girl!!! I'm so excited that she has joined your family! I've loved watching your journey while you're there (while of course being jealous :). I hope that you have a great rest of your stay and that sentencia comes quickly so you can get situated at home!


Anonymous said...

Rob, Dana & Murphy,
We love following your journey with you each day. Murphy is so beautiful! You and Rob look good too! This bonding time for all of you is so special. What great memories you're making. It's a perfect way to kick off being a family.
Murphy is is so blessed to be part of your lives. We always knew that you and Rob would be great parents.
We continue to pray for you and can't wait to see all of you together in the flesh.
Take care,
Dawn, Monte, Abby & Zach
P.S. Call us crazy but in some pictures, Murphy is starting to look like her Daddy!

Anonymous said...

Dear Murphy,
What an amazing little girl you are to be so tiny and beautiful and be able to due such amazing things, that no one before you could.
You will someday realize that you and you alone were able to change so many lives, especially the lives of your mommy and daddy.
All children come with a story, yours is a very special one.
We are all so blessed that you are able to be a part of our lives and that we are able to share in your life along with your mommy and daddy and everyone else that loves you. (and there is a LONG list of us!) We can't wait to meet you and hold such a lucky charm. We love you very much.
Jamie, Jason, Jacob, Joise and Jaci

Starfish said...

You're blog makes me smile! I love following your journey because the love just radiates out of your blog and the comments from your friends and family. And well, you know I have a soft spot for Colombian babies!

So jealous of your resort day - it is freezing and rainy here today!

Anonymous said...

Murphy, I haven't even met you face to face yet but still you can make me cry with happiness. We are the luckiest people on the face of this earth to have you as part of our family. We have so much love to give you. You will never know what a blessing you are to all of us. And do you know what? Your daddy can call me any time day or night and will come right away and change your poopy pants! Murphy, we love you with all our hearts, thank your for being part of our family. We love you!!!!
Grandma and Grandpa Lewis.