Sunday, November 04, 2007

Oh this weather!

We're in the rainy season so we expect that it's going to rain every afternoon. Yesterday, though, was another story.

I decided not to go on the day trip. I still have a cold and wanted to rest and Murphy's schedule was totally thrown out the window the day before and I didn't want to mess it up two days in a row. So Rob went and the girls stayed home. She slept quite a bit during the day and then just as we were getting ready to head out to buy diapers, it started to rain. And then hail. I mean lots of hail. Our window was being hit pretty bad and our bathroom has windows above it. They did leak so our bathroom was flooded. I eventually went downstairs because it was so loud in here. We didn't actually have it too bad. Other parts of Bogota were bad, though. We even made CNN

I can't really tell you about Rob's day trip so I'll have him type later. We are going to the market today. They close the streets so we'll be able to walk on the street this morning.

Have a great day!!


Anonymous said...

OMG!!!!! I just watched the news clip on CNN. I'm glad you and Murphy stayed in yesterday! Did Rob get in on any of the hail storm? I hope he got some pictures while he was out? It is cold here but the sun is shining and it is up to 55 degrees! I'm sure Murphy gets tired out being on the go alot but with a day to rest now and then she will be fine. Have a good day and we love all of you.
Grandma Lewis.

Starfish said...

Holy cow! I can't believe that video!! Glad you guys are home warm and safe.

Anonymous said...

Rob, what happened to your Chargers today? Corey said the Vikings whooped them. We'll have to go out and buy Murphy a Vikings outfit now.

Anonymous said...

Hello Dana,
Mornings are very quiet without you!! Miss you & Friday morning coffees! Harvest has kept me very busy & working some long hours but this should be the last week of it. We are switched over to our own server and it is a lot faster. Charles is taking us to Pizza Hut on Tuesday to start planning the Christmas party so please drop a note with your ideas!! I enjoy reading your updates & seeing the pictures. Jill prints off the pictures & has them posted at the office. We are all so excited for you & Rob. Give Murphy a hug & kiss from me. Miss you. Donna

Karyl said...

OK, I'm starting to have new anything since Saturday since Rob didn't tell us what he did on Sunday!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Waiting for an update of the Lewis'. I picked up the pictures at Wal-Mart. They are now in the hands of Grandma Karen and Grandpa Allen. Can't wait to see you later this month, especially Murphy.

Love you