Tuesday, November 27, 2007

A few more steps in...

This morning Cecelia and Anival picked me up at 9:00 and we went to sign the sentencia. Dad and I think this would be similar to our Clerk of Courts at home. I signed the paper and it was very uneventful. No streamers or balloons or anything! :) My lawyer was there and she said that we were missing a signature. So we went upstairs and the Defendor of Minors was there. She came back downstairs with us and signed. THEN we found out that the Secretary General needed to sign the papers and he/she was in court until noon. He/she took lunch from 1-2 and would sign in between court and lunch. But they still had to make copies. So they said to come back at 3:00. Cecelia decided to have me go at 2:30 just in case they hadn't made the copies yet. She wanted me to stand there and guilt them into making the copies! We are in court four, btw. Then we went to Notaria 28 and found out that the notary only is in the office from 1-5:30. So we would have to get the papers and then go straight to the notary. Unfortunately this delay cost us a travel day. We came back to the motel and filled in the papers for the Colombian passport and I ate dinner. Around 1:30 Anival came back and picked up Dad and me. We went back to the court place and had to wait while they made copies. Then we went to the notary. On the way I noticed one of the forms had some Jennifer's name on it as well as mine but my last name was spelled wrong. And it was the easy name. Not even the hard name! But Anival said our notary wouldn't look at that form. Some notaries do but not this one. So I think we're safe. We were at the notary for about 45 minutes. They typed up a new birth certificate with our names on it, I signed it, waited for copies, and away we went. Tomorrow we will go do her Colombian passport in the morning, the doctor in the afternoon. Thursday we will apply for her visa and we will go pick it up on Friday. So the earliest we could leave is on Saturday. But everyone seems to be heading to Minneapolis this weekend and we couldn't get a flight on Saturday. We're leaving on Sunday at 10:00, going through Newark, and landing in Aberdeen at 10:35. First people in line get to hold the baby. After Rob that is! :) And you might have to fight off Grandma Sandy. Sunday is fine for us. It would have been nice to get in on Saturday and then have Sunday to relax before Rob goes back to work but we'll deal with it. What matters is that we will have our baby home.

Grandma has a cold. Her throat hurts and her nose is running like crazy. I know how she feels. I'm still not quite over mine.

Murphy only got up once last night!! It was at 2:00 and was only for a half an hour.

I don't know how, but the A button fell off my computer last night. What a pain in the butt! I debated typing everything without an A but my obsessiveness wouldnt' let me do that.

Babe, I know I didn't call today and I'm very sorry. I can't stay awake anymore. And just in case the clock is wrong when I post this, it's 9:10. Which is my bedtime with a child who wakes up in the middle of the night and then is awake for good before 7:00.

No pictures yet. Can't stay awake plus I think I only have one of the court's office.

More tomorrow.


Denita said...

WOW! I'd say your day calls for a good old Norweigan "UFF DAH!"! I am tickled beyond pink for you all! Won't it be the most wonderful feeling to get that precious baby HOME, safe and sound. I'll be praying for a safe trip for you all.

How much more time do you have off of work Dana? Were you able to take 12 weeks? I can't remember if you've mentioned that or not.

Safe travels to you! Glad Rob made it home alright -- I'll bet he is missing you both a ton!

Anonymous said...

I am so EXCITED!!!!! And you can bet that everyone WILL have to fight me off because I will be in Rob's back pocket!!! I am glad to hear that Murphy slept well last night and sorry to hear that grandma Karen has a cold.(Must be that Colombian weather.) I took Rob some medicine to school yesterday and he sounds much better today. He was up and played cards with grandma Georgia, Brenda and I tonight, he is such a proud daddy. When grandma G. asked if Murphy was going to go with when you and Rob go bike riding this summer, Rob had a big smile on his face and said,"yes, I will pull her behind me and then maybe Dana can keep up." You will have such a wonderful time this next summer. Murphy is such a lucky little girl. Have a safe trip home and we will see you on Sunday night.
Love Grandma Lewis.

Karyl said...

I wish I could be there, I have to work at both jobs so it looks like G'ma Sandy won't have to knock me over to get to Murphy! :) Jake and I will just plan on coming up to visit when we can get a little more time! Take care, see you soon! XXXO

Angie said...

SO happy to hear that your paper work is done and you are officially Murphy's mom and dad!!
Hope you have safe travels back.
FYI be prepared for some COLDER weather!!! Can't wait to hold and meet Murphy!

cara said...

This is great news! The final few days!!!! I wish it wasn't so far from Elk Point to Redfield. Like Angie said be prepared for the cold. Cara