Wednesday, October 10, 2007

We have results!

Although we don't understand them. Yesterday we heard from the social worker that the MRI results were in but needed to be translated. She hoped we'd hear by noon today. So of course I've been on edge ever since. Yesterday after I got home from work I called the travel agent and put a hold on airline tickets. I should know better than to expect "tomorrow morning" really doesn't mean "tomorrow morning". By mid-afternoon we finally got the results that said "lack of fusion of the posterior arch of the sacral bone, there is no evidence of medular or sacral rooths malformations". It really didn't explain anything about the tethered spinal cord. So we requested the Spanish version and also the actual MRI. LSS doesn't have the MRI so they had to request it from Colombia. I have emailed the international adoption clinic in MSP but she isn't responding. So I called the local clinic and to see if they could help. They didn't think the response was very clear either. They're the ones who wanted the Spanish version and also the actual MRI. After I received the Spanish version, I also found an Internet based translator. This is what the original letter said (don't mind the words that don't make sense...they didn't translate):

The exam I am practiced in sequences sagitales and axial of T1 and T2 observing:

It lacks of fusion of the subsequent arch in sacrum. The height of the bodies vertebrates and of the spaces intervertebrates this conserved. There is not desalineamientos. In all the segments studied the channel oseo is of normal dimensions, the bag dural and the raices not not a single presetan alteracion. The holes of conjuncion are free. The articulations apofisiarias are normal. there is not compressions sacoradiculares.

The medula spinal distal and the structures of the ponytail have a morfologia and intensity of senal conserved. There is not focal wounds.


It lacks of fusion of the subsequent arch in the sacrum. There is not central malformations or sacoradiculares associated apparent."

So, can anyone explain that?

What we did find interesting is that the doctor said she's 13 pounds five ounces and 23 1/2 inches long. My girl likes to eat! On September 7 she was less than nine pounds. So her 3-6 month clothes probably won't fit long.

Hopefully we'll know tomorrow!

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Grandma Lewis said...

Rob,Dana,and Murphy,
We don't understand what all of this means, we just know it is a step closer to getting Murphy home and we can't wait!!!!! Murphy, you need to get home before you out grow all of your new clothes. We are praying that it will be very SOON!
Love, hugs, and kisses.
Grandma Lewis.