Thursday, May 31, 2007


We know who the saran wrapping culprit is. Well, we're fairly certain. Two things clued us in. 1 ~ Said individual had to stay after school that day (on the last day of school, mind you) and 2 ~ one of said individual's parents is in a business where he/she uses industrial size saran wrap. I'm sure said individual had help.'ve been saran wrapping before. Can you do it alone? BTW, your parents live in Iowa. Is that where you grew up? Iowa must have been a step ahead of South Dakota in the rebel department when we were growing up because I've never heard of it!

Still no news. I do know a family from LSS received their referral from Los Pisingos in the past few days. She was adopted from LP herself so I'm sure that's why they heard something so quick. So we probably won't hear anything until late June at the earliest. We're getting dangerously close to Katie's wedding on August 25. We'll have to hope for a speedy court.

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