Friday, April 06, 2007

Passport Jackpot!

Well, I had to lie but it worked. I happened to call the number this morning around 6:30. Right away I knew it was going to be a good day when I got a different message. Sure enough it told me to stay on the line for the next available representative! AND I waited less than a minute. The rep got on the line and of course she wanted to know if this passport was for me and I said that it was for my husband. She said that due to privacy laws she couldn't tell me anything. And I knew that. She wanted to know if she could talk to Rob and I figured that him being gone on a military trip would seem better than if I told her the truth and said he was gone to a wrestling tournament in Detroit! So she said that it's still being processed and that it has two more weeks to go. She told me that I WILL be leaving on April 13 so she is going to expedite the passport, they will overnight it, and we should have it in the next few days. I'm pretty sure we won't be leaving on April 13 but if she has to say it to get our passport here, I'll take it.

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cara said...

I'm glad to hear your hands survived and that the passport is on its way. What does your agency say is the time frame now? Have a great Easter. Cara