Saturday, March 10, 2007

Let's try this fingerprint thing one more time.

We have another appointment at the INS on Monday. Hopefully this one will go better than the last time. The weather is cooperating at least. We're going to SF tomorrow after church and taking Rob's sister out for her birthday. Then on Monday we're heading to Target. I've been reading "Baby Bargains so I sort of have an idea as to what I'm looking for. Then off to our appointment.

I had emailed our SW in SF about what to expect for the upcoming months and she forwarded on our email to the SW in MN. I think I've been unnaturally calm (for me) during this whole process. I can now say that I'm freaking out. Two weeks ago one of the MN SW told me to expect a month or so since things at Los Pisingos were moving really quick. Yesterday, the other SW from MN said to expect six to 12 months as things are moving very slow. WHAT!?!? Do they work in the same office? Do they talk to each other? This is the same SW that earlier last week made a comment about our Guatemalen adoption. Yeah...not a lot of faith in this one any more.

I have gotten nothing accomplished today. I had a headache until around noon. So I'm still in my pajamas. I think I need to take advantage of that because pretty soon I won't get to! :)

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