Sunday, December 31, 2006

Tuesday, October 17, 2006 ~ TB test nightmare

Well, I've had a slight delay in posting. Namely due to the fact that I've been driving to Watertown since the first week of August (actually nine months this entire year). So after spending 12 hours away from home, posting has dropped to the bottom of my list. But I pretty much have all of the details on my calendar, so I'll post by days now until I get caught up.

I had to have a TB test. I was in Watertown working and called to the clinic and they said "Sure...we'll get you right in!". So I told someone I was going to the clinic and would be back shortly. After watching people check in, sit down, be taken back for their appointment, and leave, I was getting a little antsy. I waited for 45 minutes before I finally went to the front desk and asked if it would be a while because I really needed to get back to work. The receptionist realized I'd been there for a long time so she asked a nurse when someone would get to me. And the nurse said "I'll get to you when I can" (imagine this in a really snotty tone). And I promptly started to bawl. I know. Not typical for me, is it? Well, besides the fact that I was getting my period (sorry to any men reading this) I was told I could get right in! No one at work knew where I was (well, one person did, but I'd told her I'd be right back). So the receptionist felt really bad for me and patted my hand and said "Oh honey, it will be OK. And then she said to a nurse passing by "SHE'S BEEN HERE 45 MINUTES!". And I got right in! Now I did not deliberately cry, but I will have to remember that tactic for future use. So I had my TB test and the nurse told me to come back in two days and not to even check in. Just to come back to the desk and ask for her and she'd see me. So I raced back to work and found I was the topic of some snooty office gossip. Someone said to me "I heard a rumor about you." I was really interested because I never do anything exciting to warrant rumors. She said "I heard you were pregnant!". Of course someone else was standing there and she said "You are!?!?". I said "No, I'm not pregnant!". And since this was such a touchy subject, I drove the 75 miles home bawling.

So on with the story...of course I don't have TB. I was secretly worried though that I could have caught it (along with every illness possible that is very hard to detect...I'm pretty sure I have some odd disease).

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